Aug 20 2015

Now is “your time!” NOW. This minute!

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Get your eyes off this blog post for just ten (10) seconds and look around you! Serious. Turn around! Scope it out! Look at what’s behind you! Go ahead! I’ll wait.

What do you see? And do you all of a sudden hear or smell or taste something you didn’t notice when you had your face buried in your screen? Odds are you hate, or are afraid of, looking behind you. Why? Because doing that puts you in touch with the awful or distant or useless or sad or irrelevant past.

Perhaps your unconscious mind is simply trying to get you to be so busy racing for the finish line, you have a “no-time-for-that” excuse for avoiding intimacy with others, or situations, or your self? So you may be acutely aware (or–the other extreme–) completely unaware of your clock ticking.

                             upsidedown clock

But the bigger question is: are YOU ticking? Are you so absorbed in making the most of every minute that you lose track of what you’re actually doing, where you are, what you’re looking at, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling?

Do you spend so much time looking so far ahead of yourself so often, that you forget about eating, or sleeping, or using the bathroom? Do you push yourself to achieve so much that you lose track of appreciating what you have already made happen?

It’s one thing to be independent and self-sufficient and yet quite another to barricade yourself into a brain-numbing tunnel of private pursuits. Some scientists may be . . . but great entrepreneurs are not and have very rarely been . . . hermits. Working in a vacuum makes it hard to breathe.

Besides instinct and all the “hustle” traits we hear about, the cornerstone for successful entrepreneuring is successful networking. Referrals come from networking. Ideas come from networking. Strategic partnerships come from networking. Marketable product and service enhancements come from networking. Investors come from networking. Sales come from networking. The contacts we truly need in our lives come from networking. Hermits don’t network.

No, social butterflying is not the answer. Engaging with and helping others with their pursuits is a great thing but if you don’t make a point of learning from such experiences, you are essentially helping others from a position of weakness, and that’s not much help to you or to those who win your good intentions.

No one can function as effectively by her or him self with running a business, a family, even a career, as he or she can with the support of a network.

Business and professional practice people exchange business and professional practice ideas by email and text messages and on sites like LinkedIn and Referral Key and Merchant Circle to help one another start, grow, expand, downsize, revitalize and re-invent, but nothing replaces face-to-face and telephone-voice-to-telephone-voice for effective networking.

So the solution is simple: Stay grounded in the “here-and-now” as much as possible. (Deep-breathing helps.) Telephone and in-person network whenever humanly possible. The challenge is in disciplining your SELF to build these practices into every day. Three weeks of consistent effort can turn your life around.

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Aug 13 2015


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uncle sam GOTCHA!


The other day, I received a “How Your LinkedIn Posts Are Doing” email and was curious enough to click it. I was fascinated to learn that YOU (yes, YOU!) are among those who sometimes follow my ramblings, and that when I put all the clues together — I gotcha! I actually know who you ARE.

I examined the subject matter detail lurking beneath the surface of some of my targeted posts and came up with a description of YOU. Uh huh, YOU. (Isn’t this better than your favorite suspense movie?)

In fact, if you’re still reading, you’re certainly getting more revved up from the intrigue of what’s to come than what may have been prompted by news of the latest tech discovery: that a new device can now “read your iris and identify you FROM 40 FEET AWAY!” Good Grief! Do we even want to imagine what’s next?

So back to who YOU are. Let’s start with some good adjectives that definitely describe you, at least in part. Stay with me now. We’ll work up to the good magical stuff in a minute.

Let’s see — by every indication, I have determined (and for the paranoids: no, this is not psychoanalysis!) that on numerous occasions you are: rambunctious, risky, frisky, focused, frenzied, ingenious, inventive, innovative, impatient, volatile, excitable, rebellious, and welcome growth over stagnation. How we doing so far?

Well, if even just some of that sounds familiar, I will venture to guess that you have a strong urge to change things up, but that your forward motion thinking has had a tendency to get somewhat muffled, distorted, stuck, or obscured along the way. Yes? Okay, so it’s get-back-on-track time, or not? Seriously? Of course!

Oh, almost forgot . . .

here’s what I deduct about you:


A “FEARLESS” 40-50-something

salesperson (or salesy person)

who’s hooked on SHARK TANK!

You might even be an entrepreneur!

 How’s that? Look at it this way, you likely visited at least part of one or more of the following LinkedIn posts . . .

. . . and/or you probably visited one or more of the hundreds of posts at www.BusinessWorks.US on the subjects of sales, salesmanship, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship.

SO . . . On target or way-far-away? If it’s on target, you are at least thinking like an entrepreneur, and maybe even acting like one. You might actually be one! If it’s way-far-away, you are probably way-far-away too (!), and lack the lightheartedness to even read the last two paragraphs — you might consider just clicking off this post now and finding some calmer, more regimented (like government?) career recruitment site.

You’re still with me? I hope so. Because if you are, you’re also tough and stubborn — great entrepreneurial indicators. Now make it all come together for yourself (that’s “for your SELF”) and make your ideas work! It just takes commitment and acceptance of the fact that your behavior is your choice.

You already have whatever else there is that it takes! Not sure? Throw a few business words in the www.BusinessWorks.US Search Window (Some non-business things like: “Are You Breathing?” work well too!) and check your SELF out! Go for it! Oh, and keep reading my posts, thank you very much.

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Aug 02 2015

Baking Entrepreneur Cakes?

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Entrepreneur Programs


Do Not Make Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship can be taught. And those who are entrepreneurs can be made more productive. But the truth is that those not born with entrepreneurial instincts and attitudes can only learn what the tools and ingredients are –and maybe even how to use some of them– yet never become entrepreneurs.

Not everyone, after all, can consistently look at problems and count them as opportunities. Thomas Edison saw his 10,000 attempts to invent the lightbulb as 9,999 ways to learn from, that led him to the last.

Just as tools and ingredients do not bake cakes, neither do they make entrepreneurs. What happens to the cake if you put the egg in at the wrong time? What happens to a well-informed entrepreneurship student who’s afraid to take reasonable risks?

Can risk-taking be taught? Maybe. But when the moment of truth arrives, will a top student who fully understands reasonable risk-taking, but lacks entrepreneurial instincts, actually take the risk she or he needs to take to achieve success?

Entrepreneurial instincts practically dictate resistance toward and distrust for authority figures. Does this preclude meaningful instruction? Who can teach entrepreneurship except an entrepreneur?

And how many entrepreneurs are driven by the entrepreneurial-essential fire-in-the-belly desire to put themselves in the middle of a complex politically-stratified organization that relies on academic authority channels to exist, when they themselves could instead be developing the next great medical treatment or mobile app, or self-tying shoelace?

Entrepreneurs are driven by making their ideas work, not by others’ ideas, not by money, not by organizational achievement. Though there undoubtedly must be some exception somewhere, my lifetime of entrepreneurial pursuits and independent coaching (to instill entrepreneurial values in organizations), has yet to uncover even one.

An entrepreneur is an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur. [That’s sort of like: “if it quacks like a duck . . .”] Learning as much as one possibly can about entrepreneurial-thinking-and-doing will, without doubt, strengthen one’s business and career odds for success — on a campus, in a corporation, or in small businesses run by entrepreneur-savvy people. And, yes, even in government captivity.


  • Don’t expect such efforts to crank out legions of entrepreneurs
  • Many succeed beyond their dreams without even an inkling of entrepreneurial values
  • Almost every business and career can benefit by infusions of entrepreneurial energy and style

Like teaching those few-and-far-between truly brilliant musicians that they have what it takes, entrepreneurship teaching and training efforts can provide much-needed wakeup calls! Programs grounded in entrepreneurial traits, characteristics, behaviors, and action-orientation do indeed succeed. They raise consciousness for students and corporate executives who have what it takes, but who never quite cultivated the awareness levels needed to put it all together for themselves.

Deliverables include: increased innovation, productivity (less wasted time, energy, resources and money), and sales; increased customer and market awareness and responsiveness; sharper and quicker decision making; accelerated market testing; rapidly expanded networking and referral bases; enhanced communication skills; and a stronger across-the-board sense of teamwork, self-fulfillment, and self-motivation.

The ultimate entrepreneurship determinant is REALITY

. . . existing as much of the time as possible in the

“here-and-now” present moment. 

Are you?

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Jul 23 2015

Corporate and Campus Entrepreneurs

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Like stunned fish floating aimlessly to the surface after an underwater explosion, corporations and colleges lacking entre-preneurial mindsets have been equally lifeless for decades . . . standing on the fence, trying to decide the next move. But, Aha! That is now changing.

UNLIKE entrepreneurial thinkers and doers (who have long known that an “ostrich attitude” only produces a head-full of sand), corporate and campus leaders –for very different reasons– have failed for decades to embrace entrepreneurship as a viable management methodology.

Shell-shocked by a quicksand economy, slippery-sloped job ops, and blink-of-an-eye marketplace changes, big business and academia are now beginning to regain consciousness as corporate and campus entrepreneurship training centers, programs, teams, and projects are rapidly moving front and center.

Reality is that America’s businesses and institutions of higher learning can no longer afford to manage from the “analysis paralysis” platform that requires months of committee meetings to recommend action instead of simply acting and adjusting immediately, then acting and adjusting again.

It takes an entrepreneurial mindset to dig out of the holes corporate managers and academic administrators have found themselves embedded in . . . to be airlifted out by technology-piloted choppers if need be . . . and accept the fact that entrepreneurial ideas, actions, instincts, and traits are yet again tantamount to paving the way for economic rebirth.

As quickly as we once reined in or abandoned Theory X, Theory Y, Theory Z, One-Minute Manager, Quality Circles, MBWA, Just In Time, Empowerment, Assertiveness Training, Anger Management, Lean Management, MBO, BOSCARD Management, and a hundred other such success fad formulas and piecemeal methodologies . . . we have come full circle from the 1980’s to realize we must think like entrepreneurs and act like entrepreneurs to truly make a difference!


The perpetual champion of management success, CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, was billed in 1981 training program promotions by this blog post author, as:

“the new tack in the race for innovative business solutions that work”

— and reinforced by INC. Magazine‘s Executive Editor Stewart Alsop II (in April 1981):

Entrepreneurship is in, it’s hot . . . a renaissance in American society, especially for entrepreneurs now buried in large corporations.”

Regardless of size, sales, or clout, if your business or academic organization is not already riding the new, revitalized 2015-2020 entrepreneurial wave of “Reality Success” that builds cruise-control managers into enlightened decision makers, you can be sure your competition is!

When it’s time to put more heart, more walk-the-talk attitude, and fewer politics into your business –to  ignite dormant organization spirit and foster more innovative business and market leadership thinking– CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP coaching and hands-on training can be your answer.

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Jul 16 2015


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America Needs


Entrepreneurial Leadership


It’s time for another Teddy Roosevelt/Harry Truman/Ronald Reagan to step up to America’s leadership challenge. History has shown us that “more of the same” leadership style following in the “too big for your boots” footprints left behind by prior leadership has produced either a false sense of progress and security, a lethargic aura, and/or a cavernous hole “too big for the planet’s britches.”

The days of corporate, governmental and politician “muckity-mucks” and their analysis paralysis approach to problem solving have long passed. This is 2015 and “We the people” can no longer endure those we elect to represent our interests wrongfully.

As a country and as American citizens, we simply cannot any longer tolerate elected representatives of the thinking that literally stomps on and casually pushes aside adhering to the very tenets of the Constitution that has made America great . . . the same feeble-minded political-payoff-and-payback representatives who then proceed to excuse their behaviors with shoulder shrugs and palms-raised declarations that “I tried! And, besides, it’s someone else’s fault!”

We are far beyond the point of receptivity we’ve naively granted to those who challenge and undermine our Constitution.

We are long past acceptance of those who see fit to substitute their own delusional self-indulgent needs in exchange for that which binds and ensures us of the rights to freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are weary of the lies, deceit, blame, second-guessing, unresponsiveness, societal repression, citizenship indignity, false-alarms, and global disrespect that now shrouds our nation.

So where can we turn for restoration, reconciliation, and re-kindling of spirit?

Let’s consider the perceptive, “say-it-like-it-is” and “Git R Done!” attitude of an entrepreneur. Let’s face it: we have no other worthwhile choice at this point in history — not if we are serious about the survival of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Small business owners and managers understand this need to untangle ourselves perhaps best of all. It’s called adaptability, tackling priorities, turning problems into opportunities, moving forward– entrepreneurial leadership! Business owners and operators who fail to do this, fail.

The truth behind the old expression: “Words do not cook rice” is something every entrepreneurial thinker/doer knows from experience. Certainly our Congress (and, in varying degrees, every government agency) fails to understand that revitalization time is here. Now. There can be no better nor more effective force to drive the realization of filling this need than a proven entrepreneur, one with the fortitude and courage to walk the talk.

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Jul 04 2015


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Every career success requires


success poster


this entrepreneur discipline


No matter your career, you need this. Whether you’re a corporate muckity-muck, teacher, politician, healthcare specialist, secretary, retail clerk, telemarketer, athlete, stylist, cowboy, sales rep, business owner, logistics manager, IT guru, pilot, media mogul, entertainer, writer, lawyer, pastor, government administrator, student, or a stay-at-home Mom (or Mr. Mom) . . . or add your own description: ________________.

No matter your career, you need this entrepreneur discipline.

Well, sure. You’re reading this, so you already have a commitment to learn and grow. You’re already motivated to achieve. Odds are you have some degree of integrity—doing the right thing even when no one else is watching! And you likely have some entrepreneurially-embedded sense of urgency.

Entrepreneurs are also willing to take reasonable risks and adapt readily to change. But risk-taking and adaptability are not always reliable measures of career success. You work hard at making the most of your communication skills by listening and observing carefully and tenaciously. Well, that’s a good thing, and may even be worth a few points toward achieving the magical level of success you crave.

But all of these assets—and many more you undoubtedly possess aren’t worth a hill of beans without a highly developed sense of vigilance. Huh? You thought that was a discipline relegated to the military or research scientists.

Well, here are a couple of not-too-shabby practitioner/advocates:

  • Henry David Thoreau, the noted American author, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, historian, and environmentalist who urged followers to “be forever on the alert.”
  • And how about Thomas Jefferson: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!”

So how does vigilance fit here? What makes it so special? Why should those who aspire to some measure of success really care? What’s the deal? What’s in it for me?


The answer: Vigilance is as Thoreau described, being forever on the alert. Alert to what? Alert to opportunities, market changes, society changes, world changes, job changes, personal and family changes . . . and assessing the impact of each, based on HOW (not why) you do what you do, HOW (not why) you use what you have, HOW (not why) you make the most of the skills you’ve developed.

It is all about being continually focused as much of the time as possible on the realistic present “here and now,” instead of the fantasy-filled past and future. Vigilance occurs in the present. How much of your life and success pursuits are in the present? The more they are, the closer you get to where you’re going.

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Jun 20 2015


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baseball glove





We’ve all read inspirational quotes from the likes of Einstein, Edison, Disney, Ford, Mother Theresa, Jobs, Gates, Gloria Steinem, Lincoln, Knute Rockne, Billy Graham, Reagan, Oprah, Churchill, Mary Kay, Dyer, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Fritz Perls, Zig Ziglar, Vince Lombardi, JFK, John Glenn, Mr. Rogers, Helen Keller . . .

We’ve read hundreds (thousands?) of different interpretations of “THE” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 “WAYS” “METHODS” “STEPS” “KEYS TO” “RULES” “COMMANDMENTS” “TIPS” or “BEHAVIORS” we must follow, or “SINS” “MISTAKES” “ERRORS” or “TRAPS” we must avoid “TO SUCCEED.” They headline endless online posts, each proclaiming more author-self-anointed-authority that the next.

We know from our observations of friends, family, and associates that “10 or 20 years of career experience” is often simply one year of do-nothing actions repeated over and over for 10 or 20 years.

And from all of this—and more—we’ve learned to smile and sit up straight, to not “make waves,” to “hold our tongues,” and to “accept the life (and struggles) that have been given to us,” to “be patient and wait out the storms,” and—when in doubt—put together a committee to study the question. Sure, you may feel like you have to play the hand that’s been dealt to you, but you chose to get in the game, and you can choose to get out!

It’s worth remembering that every sunrise—yes, including today and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next—is a wakeup call to action, a new opportunity for each of us to do the best we can do, be the best we can be . . . make a difference with our lives.

And since all humans have imperfections, it’s hard (and probably impossible) to even try to do and be better every day without a daily assessment of where we are at the moment and how (what was the process we used) to get where we are right now.

How can we change what we don’t know exists? Or when we don’t know how it got that way to begin with? How can we get where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been? How many of us can take apart a faulty machine-engineered appliance we have no working knowledge of, repair it and put it back together?

How can we change (Yeah, I know, a link to “10 Steps.” Sorry ;>) something without thinking through the steps of how we got there in the first place (i.e., what are the how-to’s, NOT what are the reasons)? Taking a quick daily personal inventory is one answer. Even heavily-experienced, well-trained pilots review checklists prior to takeoff.

The practice of daily checkups is the foundation for the attitude that drives every entrepreneurial mindset . . . that every problem is an opportunity! Trust yourself!

“Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’. . .
If you’re not moving forward,
you’re moving backward.”

– Reid Hoffman, Cofounder/Chairman- LinkedIn (From the 2012 bestselling business book, the start-up of YOU, by Hoffman and Casnocha)



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Jun 15 2015


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MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESSBeing critical and judgmental of other businesses does nothing but get us a bad rep and (believe this!) make it harder to succeed. What we get back isn’t much different than the return on our investment for putting down other people. At some point, it all comes back to bite us in the butt!

When you feel a judgmental statement winding it’s way up your throat, suck it back down with a deep breath before it ever gets to your tongue. Use your teeth like gates in case it actually does get that far. Hold your tongue. Shut the gates. And mind your own business. (Oh, uh, it might hurt if you hold your tongue while you close your teeth.) If all of this is too hard to swallow, you should not be in business to start with.

Anyway, we all like to criticize. We all think we can do better. And, guess what? Maybe we can do better, but remember that no matter how great we think we might be at something we’re good at (like running a business?), it’s a no-brainer bet that someone else is even better.

It should be needless to say, but those few folks who’ve been holed up like hermits with no outside world awareness’s beyond their smartphones and tablets (is that like everyone under the age of 25?), this tidbit of caution goes –in spades–for Customers! They are the people who are NEVER wrong . . . even when they’re not right!

Real entrepreneurs exist for their customers.

Just because corporate muckity-mucks make a lot of “Love the customer” noise doesn’t mean they really care. But customers are literally the lifeblood of entrepreneurial enterprises.

I mean, just imagine:  If corporate employees were properly trained, and –no matter who called or answered whatever phone– everyone would know how to deal with every customer and no Customer Service Department would even be needed.

Companies could literally save fortunes that could be reinvested in their people . . . and their customers! Sadly, this bit of entrepreneurial thinking has not yet met with acceptance as the effective antidote it is for corporate career contamination.

So just because the corporate guys delegate Customer Service to others, entrepreneurs cannot. Entrepreneurs don’t have that luxury. Entrepreneurs, true entrepreneurs, are who they are because they–always and everywhere–tend to their customers and mind their own business.

Do you?

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May 27 2015

Driving Entrepreneurs To Pasture

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When it’s time to eat grass,


get out of the mud and weeds!


You’ve been bustin’ butt to get where you are, and you can’t even find the tunnel, never mind light at the end of it! That’s the nice way to say you’re feeling spent and discouraged. But the truth is — guess what?– you are CHOOSING to feel spent and discouraged! “Spent” and “discouraged” are behaviors, right? And since all humans are born with free will (although some undoubtedly approach dubiousness), humans (yes, even entrepreneurs) all CHOOSE their behaviors.

So now you think you’re going to get lectured? Don’t choose to think that. Choose instead to enlighten yourself. The choice is just as easy, and it’s light-years  more productive. We make choices every minute of every day — from when to wake up to when to go to sleep, and everything in between. HA! And you thought it was just a matter of eggs or cereal for breakfast . . . or whether to sneer, snort, scowl or smile at someone else who chose to be bitchy.

Nope. No lecture here. Just shared awareness based on being an entrepreneur, and working with 2020 entrepreneurs. The bottom line is that the vast majority of entrepreneurs I’ve experienced haven’t a clue about the right time to make their move out of the weeds and into the sunshine-filled pasture, where healthy grazing beats hanging around in mud and weeds infested with mosquitoes. And I won’t even mention the malaria word here. OMG! So many choices!

So, seriously, where does your business live? When will you choose to move it? Where? How?

Our choices are conscious or unconscious. Sometimes the consequences pop up years later. Goal-setting can spare us a lot of “choice” surprises! Are your goals legitimate? They meet all five essential criteria? They are specific, realistic, flexible, due-dated, and in writing? If they are not all five, you don’t have goals; you have a meaningless, nonproductive wishlist. Why would you choose fantasy when choosing (meaningful, productive) reality is just as easy?

Choosing when and how to get your business out of the mud and weeds is not a matter of betting the farm. Entrepreneurs take only reasonable risks. It is a matter of what I call “Opportunity Vigilance.” When you keep focused on making your idea work and on taking advantage of opportunities that represent growth, you are choosing to put yourself and your business in a position of readiness to head for the sunshine-filled pasture where work becomes fun again.

Unless, of course, you’re a FAKE Entrepreneur?

# # #

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May 22 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

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"BREEZY" The First State's Cutest Patriot on Memorial Day 2011







 Thank you for your service to our country.”

Like clicking on a seat belt, make it second nature to reach out to anyone you meet or see who is or has been in America’s military.  Reach out to shake that person’s hand and simply say, “Thank you for your service to our country.”  You shouldn’t need to ask why.  And if you’ve ever traveled to a third world nation, you positively know why.

 Thank you for your service to our country.”

This Memorial Day, let us each take a moment of silence out of our own lives and be thankful that we are even able to do that. Let us be thankful for the freedom we have—

  • to walk down the street,
  • to express our opinions publicly without fear of reprisal,
  • to travel between states without fear or intimidation or threats to be murdered,
  • to pursue our careers and religious feelings and family lives in the ways that we choose,
  • to be able to choose in the first place,
  • to be able to vote and elect our representatives in government,
  • to have so many dedicated young men and women serving so selflessly in our military
  • . . . to have a flag and a nation we can STILL be proud of.

 Thank you for your service to our country.”

There are so many more freedoms. We forget about most of them, most of the time. Even on Memorial Day, we tend to lose sight of them behind hot dogs, hamburgers, baseball, beer and soda . . . behind family and friend gatherings, ice cream, boat rides and horseshoes.  Yet these, the very things in life that count the most, come from the courageous veterans of our military who have given their very lives, their body parts, their hearts and souls for us that we might enjoy our precious rights and freedoms.

 Thank you for your service to our country.”

Next time, anytime, you meet or see someone who is or has been in America’s military.  Reach out to shake that person’s hand and simply say, “Thank you for your service to our country.”  It makes a difference!

Comment below or Hal@BusinessWorks.US 

“BREEZY” The First State’s Cutest Patriot on Memorial Day 2011

Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals! God Bless You!

God Bless America, and God Bless our troops 

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson] 

Make Every Day a GREAT Day for a Veteran!

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