Apr 16 2015


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10 Steps, 7 Ways, 6 Things, 3 Mistakes






I mean, there ARE just so many hours in the day and I have to sleep SOME time. And it makes me get insomnia-crazed having to use my calculator app to find out the hocus-pocus number of items I need to deal with, places I have to go, people I need to trample over in order to achieve business career nirvana.

Is there no one left out there in the blogosphere or social media world who can simply write about sharing valuable experiences without reminding me how bad I was in high school math, or trying to impress me (or themselves) that they are all-knowing?

“Seriously?” you ask. Hey! You doubt me? Just look around: 6 of these, 7 of those, THE 3 critical . . .

You need not even stray away from LinkedIn. Click around. You’ll find plenty of self-appointed business guru posts that will quickly lead you stumbling into record numbers of things you must do, think, say, not do, not think, not say in order to:
• Be Successful,
• Be A Great Boss,
• Be A Great Employee,
• Give Great Service,
• Make Great Sales,
• Win Great Promotions,
• Stop Smoking,
• Lose More Weight,
• Gain More Weight,
• Lift More Weights
• Stop Drinking,
• Stop Drooling,

• . . . Or, Lose Out On,
• Or, Become A Failure.

Starting to remind you of Junk E-Mail?

Ever since 7/11, and the 7 Habits stuff, and 7th heaven, and the 7 Dwarfs, and the 7 senses (counting “non” and “common”), Americans have become hopelessly obsessed with the magic of “7”—and now, we pounce on any/all small numbers of points one needs to heed in order to achieve virtually anything.

I mean, when did you last read an article headline about the 14,763 steps to effective leadership? Or the 1,529 changes you can make today to get promoted tomorrow?

Oh, and, of course, these are inevitably accompanied by side effects warnings that include loss of life and limb and that if you die from it, you can join a class-action suit with the Legal Beagle Law Firm. Aaaack!

Okay, you’re still stuck on small numbers of things to do to be a superstar? Well, here they are. They work for EVERY one regardless of age or physical condition. And they’re Free. Enjoy:

1. BREATHE more deeply, more often every day!

2. Remember that everything you do or say is a CHOICE or the result of a choice!

3. Be FEARLESS in your attitude, but keep your mind focused in the “here and now” as much of the time as possible, because the past is over and can’t be changed, and the future has not yet come, and may never. Expectations breed disappointment.

# # #

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Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Apr 08 2015


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Facebook logothumbs down logoIf you’re


IN business, get OUT of Facebook.


Like every other niche in life, undoubtedly, there are those dwelling in and passing through the halls of business who will be quick to dismiss this post (especially Facebook employees). But as Shakespeare once said: “The truth will out!”

And the truth is: If you own and/or manage any** business, and you’re actively involved with Facebook:  you are wasting your time and energy. And lost opportunities are probably costing you more money than you would want to believe. [**any except perhaps retail]

Facebook does appear to serve as a meaningful distraction for government, corporate and academic employees. And given the boredom of that typically committee-cluttered, no-sense-of-urgency career existence, the attraction/diversion is understandable. But for entrepreneurs, Facebook is an unproductive addiction. It is simply not worthy of your attention, or even your interest, never mind your active indulgence. It literally eats up your clock!

“Yes, but,” I hear some say, “it’s the only way I can find out what my kids/grandkids are up to!” Then settle for it being a weekend addiction. Going to Facebook ANYtime between rise-and-shine Monday and nighty-night Friday is like a visit to the dentist for business owner/ manager Facebook fanatics. They too often end up holding their numb jaws while the Novocaine wears off when the reality comes home that time and energy and money has gone a-wasting.

“Okay, so Twitter is better, right?Is there any difference in being obsessed with Twitter for any reason other than to promote your business interests (which is likely to be far better accomplished, btw, on LinkedIn) . . . or with being obsessed with the news (unless you’re in the news business)?

Bottom line: If you’re a genuine entrepreneur, you’re not spending spare time with anything other than your health and spiritual well-being–whatever that may be for you–and loving and growing your family and a few select friendships–whatever that takes.

Slice your pie the way you see fit. It’s your pie. It can be big, small, flat, mountainous, firm, gloppy, round, square, multilevel, whatever works for you . . . but don’t pretend it’s not a pie! We choose our pie. We choose our behavior. We choose our stress by choosing to set ourselves up for it. Think hard about the last time you didn’t feel 100%. What were you doing/thinking/saying shortly before you lost sleep/felt edgy/got sick?

When the stress becomes DIStress–with never enough time in the day for your pie, your family, your health–don’t react. Respond. Ask yourself HOW you choose or chose your stress? Then make a different choice. Maybe it’s time to change the way you see or slice your pie . . . or the way you breathe?

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Mar 22 2015


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The sky is WHAT?

The Sky Is Falling

Ever anticipate disaster landing on your shoulders? Crushing your pursuits? Asteroids taking out your accomplishments? Business owners, entrepreneurs—even corporate muckity mucks—are vulnerable to feeling like the walls are closing in, like the sky is falling.


Maybe a competitor kicked your butt when you least expected it? Or the IRS or Labor Department or OSHA or some lawyer is breathing down your neck? An unexpected death or diagnosis in your family? Your spouse acting antsy? Kids everywhere seem headed for outer space? People around you sneering more and smiling less?

Well, “HOO-HA!” as Al Pacino once declared. Truth is (with apologies to “Chicken Little”) that the sky is NOT falling. And, uh, maybe you’re watching too much “news.”

OK, you say, but continue to ask yourself: Why can’t I have that wonderful world I hear about in old songs . . . that wonderful life that fills the screen in old movies?

VOILA! POOF! ABRACADABRA! PRESTO CHANGE-O! You can have that wonderful world and wonderful life! But it won’t be called “old” or “past.” We waste tons of energy dwelling on the past — nonproductive fantasizing that’s done and over and can’t be changed. Take what lessons you can from old/past stuff, then get over it!

Oh, and guess what? It won’t be called “future” either. Plan all you like, but don’t let it turn to worry! Just like dwelling on the past, worrying about the future is nonproductive fantasizing too! Worry distracts us in a negative way from accomplishing, going forward. And plans that become expectations breed disappointment.

“The sky is falling!” is a worrisome, but unrealistic warning (vs. for example, “The British Are Coming!” galloping cries from Paul Revere).paul revere on horsebackThe point is that few, if any, past or future incidents have the ability to unravel us in the present . . . unless we CHOOSE for that to happen.

Staying tuned in to the present is the challenge. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART (Song #7 at this link) . Feel your heart. Feel your pulse. Feel your breathing. Those are the three most immediate “here and now” things happening in your life right this very split second as you read this. stopwatchSo the secret IS:

Can you work harder at disciplining your mind to pay closer attention to your heartbeats, pulse, breaths when you begin to feel upset or worried or start dwelling on past experiences? And that too is a choice.

Choosing the present moment as often as you can is just as easy as choosing past dwelling or future worrying, so why choose to make your life harder? Are you breathing?

# # #

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Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Mar 13 2015


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A recent study purports that: people are now spending more hours per day with
electronic devices than they spend sleeping!


Draw your own conclusions. Regardless of the details, it’s true that we ARE rapidly becoming a planet of ear-budded Zombies… not the Stephen King kind, thank heaven, but the daily, impersonal- and-unable-to-know-how-to-relate-to-others, heads-down, technologically-addicted, kind.

So, how do we sell through preoccupied minds? And regardless of titles, we’re all in sales. (Don’t we all “sell” ourselves to others all day? Every day?) And how hard is it to get cash, a date, acceptance, when our prospect’s mind is mid-game, mid-text, mid-music, mid-call?

Okay, so how do we sell to Zombies?

Today’s sales professionals have to work much harder at gaining undivided attention. But some of the most hard-charging salespeople turn to jellyfish at the thought of having to insist on having undivided attention before pitching their wares. Fear of being too intrusive? Fear of losing receptivity?

Bottom Line: You must eliminate more distractions than you think you’re capable of. In order to do that, you must take the risk of being pleasantly assertive before you start your spiel/pitch/presentation.

This translates to being like church, the movies, and pilots on takeoffs and landings — request your prospects to turn off their cellphones, tablets, laptops, intercoms and Dick Tracy wristwatches before you get going. Oh, and (unless you’re doing an online/on-screen presentation) make sure you do too!

External sounds and sights
distract internal reasoning

When did you last purchase something from the person in front of you while reading or sending a text message, making or taking a call, watching TV, or when others around you were doing that? It’s close to impossible to make a sale in an audio/visual-cluttered environment.

If you have a persuasive message to deliver, avoid noisy or TV-mounted restaurant settings, concerts, parades, movie theaters, shooting galleries, oil rig sites, airport runways, football games, school playgrounds, fire stations, the stock market floor. Staticky phone line or hectic office? Call back.

If the products or services you’re selling involve or produce sounds and/or moving images, demonstrate what you’ve got, then shut it/them down to talk. If you’re outdoors, suggest strolling to a quiet area.

High tech/electronic Zombies are not a lost cause

unless you allow them to be. Sales are your lifeline.

Don’t choose for interferences to beat you. Ask

prospects to step into the hall, or if you (or they)

can find a quiet room or area for long enough to

make your sales points.

Remember the age-old “AIDAS marketing formula: Attract Attention; Create Interest; Stimulate Desire; Prompt Action; Deliver Satisfaction. It’s hard to do any of these with electronic verbal and visual interferences on the surface (or under the table), or in people’s pockets.

All common sense?   Perhaps . . . IF you’re riding the electronics tide, fully conscious of your day-to-day environments, firmly embedded in here-and-now thinking, and recognize a Zombie when you see one!

 # # #

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Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Mar 01 2015


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Thank You to FEARLESS, the musical [www.fearlessthemusical.com] for the last three words and some of the clout of this post!


While some political leaders may doubt that FEARLESS Strategic Planning (FSP) is what the U.S. Government needs to be doing more of right now, it is certainly what every professional salesperson needs to be focused on at least once a week—and more likely, every morning!

FSP is partly back to that old adage for success that we can only ever get to where we’re going when we have a map or, as present day technology dictates, a GPS or mobile map app. But the difference is in the name. It must be a FEARLESS map and we must follow it fearlessly.

Sales professionals have a tendency toward squeamishness, avoidance, nay-saying, and self-doubt when they head off into what constitutes new or uncultivated territory . . . or when they need to circle around and come back to the doorstep they once left feeling inadequate, defeated or threatened.

The solution to these mental roadblocks is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath, smile like you mean it, and get back on the horse that threw you (or whose clomping, stomping, snorting, glaring, and big teeth have kept you jittering at a cautious distance).

First off, no customer or prospect knows more about you, or your product or service or concept . . . than you! Secondly, anyone (or group) putting out defensive arm-folding or “I think I know more than you” pyramiding of fingers, is simply afraid of making a bad buying decision, so take these as signals that your job is to help them feel more secure about where you’re leading them. Back out of your pitch long enough to break down some of these resistant postures. Tasteful humor helps.

Thirdly, and most important: you got to where you are because you have a gift for knowing the right things to say in any sales situation. Rely on that. Trust yourself. Reach inside and appreciate what the real you is all about. Then, put it to work. Being FEARLESS means being authentic.

When you plan your weekly and daily strategies, plan them with a positive attitude and an air of authenticity. When you dig into your areas of strength and build energy and genuineness (vs. boredom and phoniness) into your words and actions, you are being authentic . . . FEARLESS!

How to get to that point? Work at it. Stop giving up on yourself. Cultivate everything you can think of that builds and rebuilds your sense of determination, gumption, fire. Never stop learning. Every problem is an opportunity. Strategize from your mind, but act and speak fearlessly from your heart!

Every day you begin with FEARLESS Strategic Planning will bring you increased health and happiness and success. Your words and behaviors are always your choice. Choose to be FEARLESS. Choose to make it easy!

 # # #

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Open  Minds  Open  Doors

Many thanks for your visit and God Bless You.

Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Feb 21 2015

Are You Sending Out Mixed Messages?

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“Pretty good job… for a woman!


“Pretty good job… for a woman!“

“Thanks for nothing” types of “mixed” messages pervade today’s society– in meetings, phone calls, emails, texting, even music! “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t curse,” he warns his new employee. Then the boss frantically pats down his pockets and exclaims with frustration: “Sh*t! I must have left my pipe at the bar!”

“All the world’s a stage…” proclaimed Shakespeare. At one time or another, we all play roles and mask ourselves in some way. If we become aware of ourselves when we are putting on a performance, that awareness gives us the freedom to reject unproductive (unless you’re “on stage”) playacting in favor of authenticity.

A is for Apple.jpg

And (yes, apples are great, but) certainly, A is for AUTHENTICITY too! It is Authenticity, after all, that is the overriding human quality which serves us best in both life and work

. . . yet, short of hiring someone to monitor or videotape our daily words and actions, it can be difficult at best to be aware of when we are “putting on airs” or undermining someone else or sabotaging current circumstances. Why? Because playacting is often an unconscious knee- jerk reaction to another person or situation.

So what are we to do to begin eliminating or at least minimizing phoney images and communications?

Awareness of life/career damages from disingenuous behavior is the beginning. So, you’ve already started. Next comes making a conscious effort to strengthen your resistance to assume or take on these self-destruct roles. You need to “catch yourself” by keeping your mind and body in better balance with the real you:  the deep-inside you.

Accept from the outset that–unless you’re another Mother Theresa–you may be unlikely to ever achieve 100% authenticity. But know that even slight improvements will enhance your personal respectability and community standing, and will dramatically increase others’ acceptance of your ideas and trust.

Once you are aware of this thinking and accept that “being more genuine” will rocket-boost your life, work, and play pursuits, begin to take more deep breaths. That alone will help you ground yourself in times of trouble and, ultimately, clarify your here-and-now focus in ways that win you more intrinsic happiness and more extrinsic rewards.

Being more aware paves your path to greater control and spotlights that everything you say and do is a choice that you make or the result of some choice you have made at some point in life. Simply by being more “Choice-Conscious,” you will find yourself better able to illuminate your strengths and free up your uniqueness . . . bring your real self, your authenticity, to the surface in more of what you think and say and do.

 # # #

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Many thanks for your visit and God Bless You.

Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Feb 17 2015


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What I’ve Learned About




Speak up for what you want. If you don’t spell it out, no one will ever know where you want to go. Solicit feedback.

When you state a feeling, opinion or belief, SAY that it’s your feeling, opinion, or belief…instead of implying that you’re stating “facts.” Imagine standing in your listener’s shoes.

STOP saying “all” and “every” and “ever” and “never” because you’ll start to believe yourself…and others will start to doubt you..

When others tell you your idea won’t work, don’t believe them. Instead, give it a goal and a strategy. It’s easier to move forward with a map.

STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN isn’t just for railroad crossings. Ask questions, observe and listen hard. But as Einstein said, “all we ever have is limited knowledge”…so when it’s time to move on, go with what you know!

Turn off the news. Bombardments of negative, tragic events will invade, disrupt, corrode and corrupt positive attitudes. INSTEAD: Sing. Dance. Read. Laugh. Play. Walk. Take pictures.

Positive attitudes are preserved when you respond instead of react. If you don’t react, you can’t over-react. Learn to blame less and forgive more.

Stop worrying about how you look and pay attention to how you behave. Entrepreneurial leaders instill confidence and inspire action no matter what they wear. Contrary to popular myth: Clothes do not “make the man.”

Look everyone and every thing in the eye. Good contact, not staring. Looking at your feet or over someone’s shoulder broadcasts ambivalence and fear…feelings that fail to: sell, instill confidence, inspire trust, communicate authenticity, show interest.

When the competition gets tough, get tougher by being better informed, by delighting (not just “servicing”) your customers, and by being honest.

Keep your eyes and ears alert, and your mind open. Take more deep breaths to keep your SELF in the “here-and-now” as much as possible . . . because success is the journey, and expectations breed disappointment.

Remember your family, your friends and how to laugh. Above all: Trust your SELF!

Live. Love. Make it easy.

 Some concepts inspired by www.FEARLESStheMusical.com



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Feb 04 2015

The 40-something “Family Sandwich”

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You’re 40-something and trapped!


You’re 40-something and you’re sandwiched in between aging parents and young children. trying to build a career. Even the weekends are starting to suck. The family dog (or cat) is beginning to be your BFF.

What’s next? STEP BACK, that’s what! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing (except driving, holding a baby, operating heavy equipment, or standing with your back to a cliff or stairway), take one physical step back away from the gum-biting clamor, pinch yourself in the butt and take three deep breaths. Just three, but don’t fake it. Three. Deep. Now. Before reading more. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Now pay attention to this: No job is worth losing because your mind gets too busy racing in and out of your neighbors’, relatives’, co-workers’ issues and shortsightedness. They don’t understand your upsets. They never have. They’re not inside YOUR brain and you don’t need them to survive your circumstances. You need your SELF to make adjustments for your SELF — NOT to please others!

You need to “rattle your own cage” and that doesn’t mean a zoo or prison vacation. It means doing some honest soul-searching about who you really are, what you really want out of life, and how you think you’re going to get there.

Rule One: Take Charge of Your SELF! Only YOU know what YOU need to do. Listening to what others have to say is a good thing. Doing what others think you should do is not. So listen all you want, but ACT on your own behalf.

For every idea you have (after the three deep breaths!) about how you need to proceed with your “sandwiched” life, write it down: each idea at the top of its own page (yes, with a real pen or pencil on real paper . . . trust me you’ll get more authentic results than keyboarding it!). Put a minus- sign at the top left and a plus+ sign at the top right, with a vertical line top to bottom down the middle of the page.

Then identify the negative and positive points related to each idea in the appropriate column. Step back again. Yes, and three more deep ones. Then analyze your ideas based on comparing the two columns and on what you honestly feel inside your gut about each point, and each idea.

Maybe you’ve been being too patient and are filled with anxiety? Maybe you’ve not been patient enough and are filled with annoyance or are simply adding fuel to the fire? Where’s the right balance?

What are you doing right this minute to achieve the right balance? You think this is an easy exercise? It’s not if you’re doing it honestly. But is it worth it? Of course it is. YOU’re worth it, aren’t you? Then work at it.

Here’s a Broadway-bound musical: www.FearlessTheMusical.com filled with love, anxiety, humor, annoyance, and resolution to inspire. It’s all about finding balance — Try some of the “song previews” and remember: You’re never alone when you seek balance. Sing. Dance. Hum. Breathe. Think. And along the way, enjoy–and TRUST your SELF! Be FEARLESS! You’ll get through it. You can do it!

# # #

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Make today a GREAT day for someone!




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Jan 28 2015


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Are you taking your music to the grave?!




You are not a squirrel. Stop saving up your best-effort production, creation, plan or idea for “the right moment!” With a deader-than-doornail economy that some ignorantly pretend is historically great because of low gas prices (which are only low because of record unemployment!) . . . but that’s politics we have to live with. We don’t need to live with missed opportunity, and there’s no time like the present to get that great creative genius product of yours out of the closet (or the back of a drawer), dust it off, and make it work!

Ahhh, but to make it work, first means freeing it from the imaginary chains you’ve wrapped around it, and the hiding place you’ve confined it to in your home, office, truck, notebook, recording, hard drive, smart phone, tablet . . . or your mind?

Your best will never achieve what you

hoped for it if it’s locked away.


Put it into your daily work schedule. Treat it as if it was a key client or customer project.

TRUST YOURSELF. Give yourself a chance. What’s the worst thing could happen? It gets rejected? You think maybe there’s only one person or audience for your special creation? The odds for fame and appreciation will be better after you’re dead? Regardless of your skills and calling, that’s not likely. And it’s a choice.

Try to look at it this way: Posthumous success is failure to achieve what’s been rightfully earned in life during that lifetime. Most of us agree that of course the dead are to be honored in some fashion. Military courage and sacrifice certainly count the most. I’m not attempting to strip that love, respect, gratitude and reverence away.

The point is that posthumous recognition doesn’t accomplish anything. It fails to provide you the incentive and opportunity to do even greater work because it affords you a springboard for awakening other talents of yours and for inspiring others who will enjoy and benefit by your creation, and emulate your efforts.

Oh, and perhaps it’s blatantly obvious, but I believe it’s still worth mentioning just to raise consciousness: we only go around once in this life. We get only one “here and now” every passing minuteDo you truly want to take your music to your grave?

It’s a choice to never make a choice.

An action step you take today can pay you back tomorrow. Action you never take hasn’t even a chance of being worthy of your talents and authenticity. And action you keep making excuses not to take is actually a step backwards. If you’re not a squirrel, stop hiding your treasures. If you have “yes, buts” — contact me. If you think you’re losing your mind, try this! And if you still have doubts, think on this — one of my favorite quotes to pin on your wall:


Remember time waits for no one.

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is mystery.

Today is a gift.

That’s why it’s called the present.”


# # #

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Many thanks for your visit and God Bless You.

Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Jan 18 2015

ZEST! The Competitive Edge.

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“Z”. . . ZEST

                                                                                ZEST (not the soap) I am referring to you and your business . . . ardor, élan, gusto, joie de vivre, lust, oomph, passion, pep, pizzazz, tang, vitality, energy, zing,  zoom, zip,  zap . . . either you’ve got it or Leaping Consultant . . . . . . . .

If you’ve got it, you can make it better. Start here now. If you don’t have it, you can get it ignited here, now. Free. No strings attached. No gimmicks! Just you and your business, and me.


Sounds good, you say, but who cares? Uh, your customers, your employees, your suppliers, your investors, your lenders, your community . . . and your family. Does that work for an answer? This is not just another lecture on motivation. It’s about operating your business with a competitive edge.

Let’s get to it: When did you last ask a few customers why they do business with you instead of with __________ (fill in the name of a leading competitor)? Oh, you did a survey? Well, that’s great, but there’s nothin’ like the real thing, Baby, goes the old song, and there’s nothing like straight eyeball-to-eyeball answers.

Whatever you hear back, by the way, accept and be appreciative. Do not criticize. Do not “Yes, But.” Do not argue or dismiss. There’s a reason for everything. Take it in. Write it down. Smile and say thank you. Go off and think. Odds are pretty good that the answers you’ll get will have something to do with your attitude and approach.

In other words, HOW you deal with customers, employees, and others around you is what determines more than anything else why your customers are your customers. And it’s that reputation that attracts other customers. So, if these assumptions about how you deal with others are even just half right, you already have a competitive edge.

It may simply need –like the holiday carving knife– a little sharpening. Start by asking yourself if you and/or someone else who works with you have been partly or largely responsible for positive customer feedback. Do you appropriately reward that behavior when it comes from others. Rewarding positives breeds more positives.

If you get feedback that attributes your business strength to other factors –price, quality, convenience, etc.–you need to giddy-yap over to your customer service counter/person/policy/strategy/whatever, to fix it or make it better.

Why? Because in this lousy (that we keep hearing is great) economy, it is frankly not a good sign that anything other than your outstanding service should be the #1 factor quoted by customers. You cannot any longer compete on price or packaging or quality or convenience or sustainability. Anyone with the know-how and gumption can beat you on those points.

But no one else can be you!

No one else can treat people exactly the same as you, and therein lies your single greatest and unique competitive edge — it’s the differential that you, exclusively, can offer. Have you ever by-passed others and gone out of your way to deal with a particular business because you relate better to the source? Of course you have.

We all seek individuals and entities we feel offer more integrity, more authenticity, a better reputation, provide more extras. So your customers are different? What’s keeping you from adjusting, over-hauling, boosting or perking up your business approaches and attitude NOW? Aren’t roadblocks, after all, a matter of choice?

Choose more of what works. Put a little spice in your spirit! And remember what you put out and how you come across – your spirit — is yours alone. No one else has or can use your strengths.

# # #

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Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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